What if you couldn’t earn a paycheck? Without your paycheck would you be able to pay all your monthly bills?

Fact or Fiction?

1. My chances of becoming disabled are small?
2. Social Security will pay if I ever become disabled?
3. I have enough in my savings to get by?
4. I can sell my assets?
5. I can rely on my spouse’s income?
6. I can borrow money from a family member?

Disability insurance is the foundation of a solid financial plan. You may have other insurance BUT without it ARE YOU insured?

Before making a decision about your insurance, think about the following questions:

• When your paycheck stops your bills will stop?
• If you insured your life, have you insured being able to live it?
• Do you and your family depend on your earnings for food, clothing and shelter?
• Do you know what your paycheck is really worth?
• You can say, “I don’t need it”, but can you say “my family won’t need it”?


“You May Have Insurance BUT, are You Insured?”